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Dry Coconut

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We never offer the coconut as it is. We remove the fibre that covers it and offer the fruit that is free from all the external fibre. Only then is it possible to break the coconut. By breaking the coconut, the water in it flows out. The heart is the coconut and it is covered by the fibre of desire. The water that flows out is the 'Samskara' or purification. The fibres on the surface are the desires. We must strip the heart of all desires and offer the core without the fibre. It then becomes an offering to God Use: Dry coconuts are used as an offering to deities and especially during the final oblation (purna-ahuti) of any homa/yagna. It is filled with sugar and ghee and is then closed with a sacred thread, before offering to the homa fire. Quantity: Broken pieces of 2 coconuts Weight: approx  360 grams
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