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Banyan Wood Sticks

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Wooden sticks from the Banyan tree. Banyan tree is often known as the Indian Bargad tree. Banyan tree is considered sacred in India.  The Vat, Bargad or Banyan tree is one of the most venerated trees in India. It has the ability to survive and grow for centuries and is often compared to the shelter given by God to his devotees. The tree is called Kalpavriksha, the tree that provides fulfilment of wishes and other material gains. It symbolizes Trimurti - Lord Vishnu is believed to be the bark, Lord Brahma the roots, and Lord Shiva the branches. Uses: 1. For offering to deities during worship. 2. For performing homa and yagya. Quantity: 11 sticks in each bundle Approx Weight: 130 gms
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