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Lighting a ghee lamp in front of one’s alter is a very spiritual practice. A ghee lamp is simply made of pure cotton rolled into a wick, and immersed in lots of ghee, creating a candle when lit. The ghee lamp can be placed in a little earthen bowl made of clay or in an elaborately decorated brass holder Hindus will light a “Diya” or ghee lamp daily to purify their homes and their hearts. Prayers are offered at their alter twice a day. Dawn and at dusk are the two “sandhyas” or joints of the day between light and dark. Daily worship is always commenced with the lighting of a lamp. The light or flame itself is worshiped as the Lord. The light symbolizes knowledge, illuminating and “en-lighten-ing” us. The light emanating from the ghee lamp removes darkness, ignorance and evil. The light or knowledge shows us the way out of our problems, fears, tensions, and unhappiness. The light of a ghee lamp is believed to bring in prosperity, as knowledge or wisdom is the greatest form of wealth. Qty: 250 gms.
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