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Mahalaxmi Yantra

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Mahalaxmi Yantra comes with Mahalakshmi's divine blessings-Maha Lakshmi's divyadarshan through her Vaibhav idol, Maha MeruYantra for positive energy in your home, Maa Maha Lakshmi's Kavach pendants for success and prosperity, Mata Lakshmi's paduka for growth and mental peace and Shree Dhan Lakshmi Yantra for your overall happiness in life. The Sri Mahalaxmi Yantra brings wealth and happiness to its worshipper. You could become prosperous by doing Ma MahaLaxmi's pooja everyday and installing the Sri MahalaxmiYantraDhanVarsha Kit at your home. It is said that the Sri MahalaxmiYantra gives you more than what you ask for. So go ahead, get your Sri MahalaxmiYantra and pray to Ma Lakshmi for wealth, health and prosperity.
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