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Vahan Durgatna Nivaran Yantra

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When Mars and Venus are ill placed in a horoscope and when transit Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu come over sensitive points in a horoscope, one become prone to major accidents which could result in loss of limbs, death, hospitalization and such grievous problems. This Yantra when kept inside the car (or any automobile) would be an effective way of minimizing accidents and give protection to the concerned person. As soon as the person or persons get into the car, they must chant the mantram: OM SHRI MAHA DURGAYAI 'NAMAH" 11 times. Generally advised to avoid travelling (journeys) on New Moon and Full Moon days, one prior to these two days and two days after these two days as much as possible. In case not possible, keep the yantra permanently in the car and chant the mantram as suggested. If flying or going by bus or rail, carry this yantra in the hand baggage. Worship the Yantra with agarbath before you leave the house.
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