Bed (Bister) & Aasan set for Laddu Gopal/ Gopal ji/ Krishna ji with Meenakari Chowki & Singhasan

`899 `899

The Decorated Pooja Singhasan and Chowki both are made up of hand craving Meenakari Artisans and fine Wood which looks absolutely elegant. Along with Chowki & Singhasan the Bed & Aasan for God is also provided in this combo. The sides of the Singhasan & Chowki have an imposing look and a large foundation for the ideal stature. The idols are set up on Singhasan and the chowkis are for offering prasad to your idol as a form of gratitude and appreciation. The Bed will give comfort to Gopal ji.  Its devine look is perfect for your mandir, home and office as well as cost-effective for gifting purposes.This Meenakari Singhasan & Chowki can be used in all Festivals or Occasions like Radha Ashtami, Sharad Poornima, Raksha badhan, Janmashtami, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturdashi, Holi and many more.  Get your hands on this beautiful Combo of Bed-Aasan And decorative Chowki & Singhasan Set for your Bal Gopal, Ladoo gopal, Kanha ji, Krishna ji, Radha- Krishna, Ganesh Ji and also for other idols/God.