About Us

Hinduportal was formed in April-2015. The Hinduportal are the building blocks of Spiritual items, Hindu culture and holy items and holy workship to God. India is called the spiritual nerve centre of the world due to its strong foundation built on knowledge . The ancient truths of the workship to diffrent God form the very basis of all the knowledge that is known today and all that items that is need for true workship to God will be available for enriching, in the times to come.

All items related to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are available on a single platform. Vast knowledge of Horescope and Mantar for diffrent God is available in our site. Hinduportal is a step towards making conscious living a possibility for every human being. We make the world listen and practice the true workship to God that make a human life more peacefull and relagious.

Our moto is to give some sepcial puja item to all our viewers at special price