Narmada water

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The Narmada is one of the five holy rivers of India. It is believed that a dip in Narmada river washes one's sins away.The Narmada is one of the five holy rivers of India. The Ramayana, the Mahabharat, and the Puranas refer to it frequently. The Rewa Khand of Vayu Purana and the Rewa Khand of Skanda Purana are entirely devoted to the story of the birth and the importance of the river, and hence Narmada is also called the Rewa. Another legend says, once Lord Shiva, meditated so hard that he started perspiring. Shiva's sweat accumulated in a tank and started flowing in the form of a river – the Narmada.

Legends also say that for Lord Shiva, the Hindu God, this river is especially sacred on account of its origin, and it is often called Shankari, i.e., daughter of Shankar (Lord Shiva). All the pebbles rolling on its bed are said to take the shape of His emblem with the saying,

The Narmada water is used in daily puja and for Abhishek to deity idols.

Quantity: 500ml