Cotton Wicks for Diya/ Diya batti (Round, White)- Pack of 500 (250 in each pack)- For Pooja Aarti

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Cotton wicks are a very essential good of all Poojas. Using Cotton Wicks to create a thriving atmosphere throughout pujas and festivals by flickering diyas. Here, Hindu Portal is presenting pure handmade cotton wicks which are finest and extensively fibrous, 100% cotton of great quality and remain hard even after ghee applied and form is also retained. These cotton wicks are perfect for use in any diya and an easy solution during Daily Puja and other occasions-festivals like Diwali, Radha Ashtami, Sharad Poornima, Janmashtami,Ganesh Chaturdashi etc. The wicks flawlessly essential in ensuring appropriate oil absorbance to enhance the lamps' sustained flames and to provide livelier diya lighting, keeping the environment lit and vibrant. For safety precaution, please place the flamed diyas far away from your children and beloved pets,  keep the diyas on a heat-resistant surface as well.