Incense Sticks- Multi Fragrances- 150 Sticks

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Incense sticks play an important role in Indian culture, and they are used during prayers and meditation to enjoy the worship time and attain peace of mind and soul. Agarbatti's iconic incense sticks is a classic product that symbolises love, devotion, and prosperity. Three energising aromas are used in a pack of Three in One Agarbatti: Rose for loyalty and commitment, Jasmine for wealth, and Sandalwood for affection. Incense sticks are formulated from the utmost concentrated scent, which has been specially developed to create a long-lasting and enthralling aroma that will definitely enhance a room's aura. With the intoxicating scent, it will create the ideal environment for prayer and meditation. Enjoy the soothing, relaxing scent, as well as the optimistic atmosphere it creates, for an uninterrupted communication with God.