Peacock Feather Hand Fan 2- More Pankh

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The peacock, national bird of India, is also regarded as a symbol of psychological security. There is folklore that having a peacock feather in your home helps to protect you from any negative energy in the world. Peacock feathers are a sign of good fortune and happiness in Asia and the rest of the world. Since this emblem of eternity is also specifically related to Christ, peacock feathers can be used as church decorations during the Easter season. It not only emits and stimulates positive energy, but it also improves mental efficiency. The peacock feathers come in a variety of colours, and each one is made up of tiny flat flat branches. These feathers may be used for a wide range of decorative purposes.The peacock feather fan can also be used for worship in the pooja ghar. The feathers were gathered after they naturally fell from the peacock's tails, and no abuse to the bird was used in the process.